Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mysterious Walt Disney Micky's Garage Cutouts

We found another treasure in Jo's boxes! Unfortunately, we can't get a finite identification on it.
Anyone know where these Micky's Garage cutouts came from? My mother is guessing a cereal box ca 1930's (she dates it in the 30's because Donald's beak length).
The cut lines are squarish, but uniform in length instead of rounded. So they might be hand cut.....maybe.
They measure 3.5" high by 3.75" wide. The folded end has been folded before but then flattened between papers in storage. There are some horizontal lines across the top of  2 pieces that look like they could be glue marks.
Here are some more detailed pictures. Click on them to zoom in.

If you know their origin please leave it in comments! We really want to know where these cute cutouts came from!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jo's Ceareal Box Premium and Spoon Flower Tea Towel Contest

Ive been helping my friend Jo off load some of her departed father's items on Ebay and Etsy. While sorting through one dusty wooden crate we came across a Post Toasties Cereal Box Premium picturing Captain on the front (see above image). We were delighted to find that finding them in the original wrapper is rare. You can see more of it and possibly place a bid for it on her Ebay listing (click the link above). She's also listed a Lily Pinkham mechanical pencil,

 and a Carson Gloves advertisement/compact mirror;

All are really cool! she has more too. I will be helping her list things all this month on Ebay and Etsy.

I also entered the Spoonflower tea Towel Contest !  I mentioned Spoonflower in an earlier post. They sale custom designs on fabric. Im in the process of creating a shop on Spoonflower to sale my own fabric designs.  My entry features a dandelion for each month. The seed puffs spiral out from the center and each is labeled with the day/ day of the week. The dandelion colors are representative of the birthstone for each month. Leaping frogs and flying/jumping insects serve as a daily reminder that 2012 is a leap year. Go sign up on Spoonflower and vote for your favorite!