Saturday, December 17, 2011

Road trip....

I will be unable to answer all e-mails or do much posting for the next 3-5 days. We are driving to NY to visit relative. Can't wait to get going, I love Road Trips for all the stops along the way. :)
I will have my laptop with me to work on Spoonflower and Society6 ect....answer occasional, important e-mails.
Free Golden flower color plates are scheduled to automatic post so they will still appear hear and be downloadable from my flicker account.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Very brief mention in Spoonflower blog....

I didn't realize I was mentioned in a Spoonflower blog post until my sister informed me. They included one of my fabrics in the giveaway for December's 12 days of Christmas. It was listed under the 12/11 post with the Alt-Aesthetic fabric Bundle. The fabric was my Black Webs on Yellow.

That make me happy. :) Especially since I'm feeling under the weather today. Thanks again Sharon! What would I do without my Big Sister?
Here are links to the other equally fabulous fabrics that were in the bundle.
Mershim by Cateanevski, 
Ghosts—Nightshade by Cateanevski, 
Giant Flying Squrill Attack Tolie by ThirdHalfStudios, 
Dotd Skulls White Small by ThirdHalfStudios, 
Beautiful Bones: Sirens - Gold by JessicaSoon, 
Alice in Steamland Doll Pattern by CurlyCue, 
Black Spiderwebs on Yellow by MuddyFoot,
Ambition by Nalo Hopkinson, and
 Large Ghostly Squid Damask by PattySloniger.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Poodle Sculpting!

I have seen all sorts of strange and wonderful things on the internet but today I bring you a new lever of weird. I was doing research of a fabric design for a children's skirt and came across a very colorful and well sculpted poodle. Go browse this Google image search for "Creative Grooming Poodle". Dog and Groomer must have a ton of patience and imagination for this sort of thing. I can't imagine anyone who does this as ever being unhappy. Every day must bring a smile to their face. XD