Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Morning Harajuku

My big sister is an Evil Genius!
She sent me this fabulously trippy Harajuku music video for Tsukematsukeru, by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. It's a song about fake Eye Lashes!
About half way through the song it gets really good as the singer adorns a costume with eyelashes on the chest and dances with her break dancing lions. The same talented artist also created the song PonPonPon, about eating too much candy, which is equally fantastic! I'm already having visions of clip art and fabric patterns inspired by this video XD!
Thanks Sharon!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Never Hang your Dream Catcher Backwards and My DD's Ultra Cute Paul Revere Model

My sister found a positively weird and wonderful link to 'Brutal Knitting by Tracy Widdess'. This is soo trippy and cool to put it into proper words! Go have a look!
And what every you do never hang your dream catcher backwards!
Watching it has me thinking about the next Spoonflower contest for baby cloth books. I'm seriously wanting to make a 'Cthulu Loves You' baby book. I can see it already with tentacles hanging out of the pages and cuddly friendly representations of Cthulu and his buddies inside the pages for baby to play with. Unfortunately, the deadline for the contest has passed and I'm too busy finishing other things to create it on such a short notice. I'm going to keep the idea on the shelf though, it's the perfect thing to work on when I get bored with other projects. Instead I leave you with this link to What if Dr. Suss wrote The Call of Cthulu? on :) Enjoy!

Lastly my DD had a mid-semester project on Paul Revere due at the end of November. I love the model she made so much I have to share pictures of it! Not bad for a 11 yr old's first attempt to use a hot glue gun, Dremel, and oven bake clay! I'm so proud she didn't use Lego's! Legos are fun, but I don't feel they provide as many problem solving opportunities as creating a model from mixed media. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

New Spoonflower contest...Feathers!

A new weekly contest has begun over on Spoonflower. The theme is 'Feathers.' Because I went geometric and anti-cute on the 'Kite' contest last week, I'm going humorous on this next one. The logic behind this decision is based upon looking at all the current feather related fabrics on Spoonflower. Most of the fabrics I saw are great, but are simply decorative feather motifs. I have a theory that cute and humors motifs score higher in Spoonflower contests. Not that that's a bad thing, but I like to be diffrent. I'm willing to test this theory with my contest entry.
I chose 'Horse Feathers' as my subject matter. It's a fantastical plant related to Snap Dragons and Cat-tails.
It also brought me back to my forestry days at SFA, drawing twig anatomy for class. I chose a nice zig-zag black locust twig as a model and replaced the buds with horse bodies.  I chose simplified feather drawings because I knew the repeating layout would be chaotic and didn't want feather texture to add to it.

Go vote! I'm pleased to say there are some really beautiful entries to look at. My favorite is Paisley Feathers by Irrimari.
As for the last contest I only ranked in the low 70's as my geometric take did not fare as well as my last few entries. Oh well, It's still one of my favorite patterns so far. See the last contest rankings here.