Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Legoland Grapevine is AWSOME! Unfinished Project Wednesday Light Box

Last Monday My friend Jeanette and I took the kids to Legoland Grapevine. They all had a great time! Roger...age 2 loved it so much he had a tantrum when it was time to leave. The other children were also sad to go and begged to visit again. The picture above shows a photo of Lily, Madaline, and Lucia in Legoland's automated Mini-Land diorama of DFW. If you look closely you can see the American Airlines Arena, and Reunion tower in the background (it has blinking lights).  We had SOOOOOO much FUN! If you haven't had a chance to go it's well worth the trip. My only complaint about it is you have to go through a little tour of how Lego bricks are made before enjoying the play area and interactive portions. Our tour guide was not that interesting and it was hard to understand what he was saying because he spoke so quickly. Nor was he all that enthuiastic (a requirement for keeping the attention of small children). They make you wait till your time slot to go on the tour and only then can you really enjoy the exhibits and play area.

As for Unfinished Project Wednesday...Ive been a little slow getting to it today. I'm working through an online tutorial on building a photo light box; which I will detail tomorrow. Ive modified the instructions to use translucent corrugated plastic sheet instead of foam board and am also creating different backgrounds for my light box to give me a greater range of display options for my Etsy listings. I was supposed to be done with this project last night, but unexpected detours (as usual) have me behind schedule. I'll post the details on it tomorrow for all to see and use.

Tell me what projects you intend to finish today!

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