Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scanning and cleaning antique images

I'm scanning some images from antique magazines and cleaning them up in Photoshop. I choose 100 of my favorites from some magazines my mother gave me. I decided to start with the above banner. As you can see I'm still in the process of cleaning it. Only a few lines, the 'u' and the 'r' have been cleaned up (click on it to see original size and some of the 'fixed' areas better). It took me all day yesterday to pick them out and scan the ones I wanted. I'm going to to separate the banner from the words, make a few additional letters (to make more spelling options) and separate that wonderful capital 'O'. This will give me the original cleaned image to play with, in addition to some other images with the same vintage look that I can use in conjunction with the original.
My mother gave me the magazines.   Thanks Mom!

BTW I finally got my camera back! I made individual pizza crusts today and will post a picture and recipe tomorrow.

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