Friday, May 27, 2011

Enameled Garden

Bright, shinny, happy, and retro! I love these things when combined in one object. My favorite pieces of jewelry are enameled flowers. I've started collecting them and mounting them in shadow boxes which I hang in my dining/work room. They give the room a cheerful feeling.

I keep an updated treasure list of the flowers I covet on Etsy. Here is a view of it compliments of CraftCult. Each image is a link that will carry you to that flower's location on Etsy. The title is also a link. It will take you to the actual treasure list on Etsy.

It's "dynamic" so every time I update my list the changes will be reflected here as well. If you love enameled flowers too and like to shop on Etsy, I'm already doing the search for you! Feel free to bookmark this post and remember it.

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