Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Slow posting this week; Featuered in another Treasury List!

School is out! Sort of.....My DD's private school is out for summer, but public does not let out until this coming Friday. I have a friend that teaches public school and I watch her toddler son while she's at work. I usually get my blog posting and Etsy things done in the morning and evening when I'm not babysitting, and in the afternoon when my charge is napping. This week I will be lucky to get much blog posting done because I will have my own child to entertain in addition to my usual babysitting. I will try to keep on top of things...but no guarantees. Posts this week will likely be short and sweet and I won't finish my purses or leather bracelet until next week as well.

That being said....on to the original post.... I was recently featured in another wonderful treasury list! My item is the red and white striped teapot on the second row. This List was created by handmadecottageuk. Here is her Tea Time Treasury List compliments Craft Cult, each image can be clicked to transport to the items location on Etsy.


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