Thursday, June 9, 2011

Template for Giant Felt Flower Tutorial

In preparation for my family Fasinator party in July I have been doing a few web tutorials for making fabric flowers. I found this wonderful tutorial by Megan Reardon for making Giant Felt Flower Brooches. I decided to draw up templates for the tutorial so I don't have to cut the petals free hand and I will always have the template on file for making the flowers whenever I want.

Here is my template if you wish to make your own felt flowers following her tutorial. Click on the image to see it at it's original size and print it from the browser window.

A few notes about this tutorial. I found a mini hot glue gun very useful for this project. The glue cools much faster then the craft glue that the tutorial calls for. I was able to make petals very quickly. With a glue gun you can finish this project in about an hour. This tutorial also works well with leather. I made one flower out of purple pig-skin. I also beaded the center of my flowers instead of making felt centers, and am adding more embellishments behind them to make 'Dinnerplate' Dahlia brooches. I want these brooches to be BIG like the ones sold on Bando. The ones on Bando are approximately 7-10" in diameter. I'm also going with a Patriotic Theme. The two pictured at the beginning of this post are unfinished but I want to get them done and post them in my Etsy shop for 4th of July shopping.

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