Friday, November 18, 2011

Look Mom! I'm posting to Etsy!

We all know mothers know best and mine is no exception. My mother has taken notice that my Etsy shop for vintage items and art has been neglected lately. I help my friend Jo photograph and post her items to Wonder-filled once a week I slipped a few of the things my mother gave me for my shop. Hopefully this will satisfy her for a little bit. BTW mom I hope your listening....I'm going to add more to my shop as I work with Jo. This will occur once a week as Jo comes over every Friday so we can work.

So without further delay here is a peek at what I'll be posting. The tackle box, shown below, was my grandmothers (we lovingly called her MawMaw; that's her in the first image). She had many wonderful sewing sundries tucked away and hidden about her house. We only discovered them after she passed away. Some of these items are beautiful, and lacy. The butterflies are labeled ''Forster Willi', 'Made in Switzerland'.
My mother has added some other pieces of beautiful trim to the box that she found while antique and thrift shopping. All together it now contains pieces ranging from the 1950's to the 1980's.

Also don't forget to visit Wonder-Filled and Jo's new items as well! She listed a bunch of old postcards, a few valentines, and some cute photographs of children today. She's also installed the new shop banner that I made for her this morning (pictured below). Go have a look at her Wonder-Filled store!

The banner background (gnome and animals) came from  The Graphics Fairy and I added some clip-art of my own making (cracked paint in the banner and the cat label) along with a nice font that I manipulated a little.

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