Saturday, December 24, 2011

Barbie Parts for Christmas!

Sounds strange but all I really want for Christmas is Barbie I can wear themas jewelry. XD
I found some fabulous jewelry by Margo Lang (post by LA Weekley Blogs, image from there as well) while reading art articles online. It's an old post, so I hope the artist is still producing her work, but the images are priceless.
As a child I be-headed my barbies and floated their heads in food coloring all in the name of fashion (the food coloring was supposed to dye their hair). I also drew on them with permanent marker, mix and matched their body parts, and cut their hair. Margo's jewelry makes me reminisce of my contentious relationship with the perfectly, imperfect Barbie.

She has an Etys Shop too but it's closed for vacation. ReMembering Barbie. I hope it's not a permanant one.
'Hello Margo....are you there?'.....

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