Sunday, January 1, 2012

Final day to download beautiful Chrysanthmum Bookplate Scans from my Flicker Account!

It's the final day to grab these beautiful book plates from my flicker account, for free! By January 2nd they will only be available in small resolution (size) format here on my blog.

Visit my flicker account and download them before I revoke their public status. Once they are gone I will slowly begin cleaning them and prepping them for sale in my Etsy and Melyah digital shops.
No guarantees on when they will appear in my shop. I have a ton of projects stacking up as I type. My holiday visit to Syracuse NY has turned up some wonderful ephemera from the local antique mall, Syracuse Antiques Exchange on N. Salina Street. I must mention that the folks there are equally wonderful. If you have a chance to visit Syracuse stop by and visit them! I'll post more on my favorite find from there later this's cute and chicken related. XD

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