Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's good to be home! Promised Chicken Art

It's good to be home, off the road, and back on a regular schedule! Syracuse NY was cold but thankfully it did not snow much while we were there (though Lily would have loved a blizzard and was sad there was not enough to make a snowman). So now I'm back to work........

As promised, I'm showing you my favorite ephemera find from my road trip. The images below come from two Park and Pollard Co. Year Book and Almanac 1916. These are the most adorable chickens I have ever seen! They would be a cute embroidery project! There are more cute images in the Almanac, but I'm holding back on them till I release the set for sale in my etsy store.
Feel free to copy them. The scans will need extensive cleaning. The pages are so thin that the image from the reverse page shows through in the scans. Larger images can be accessed from my flicker account.
As with the last set of images I gave away, this set will lose it's public status after February 1st. So download them before they disappear.

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