Monday, May 30, 2011

Mid Century Abraham Palatnik Find and Cinecromatico! and Lunch at the Ritz Republican Earrings!

My twin, Charlotte, recently found this fantastic treasure. An Abraham Palatnik Lucite Toucan! Isn't he awesome! I love the stripes against the transparency of his body!It gives a wonderful illusion of movement and is glossy like real feathers.

She's selling him here on Ebay. I'm quite jealous of her items at the moment. I may have to bid on him. There is a zebra by the same artist on etsy.

Palatnik's art is all about motion, light and color. His most famous works are his Cinecromático machines that project images of colorful, fluid, random, light in motion upon walls.
You have got to see this video of his machine in action (from Vernissange TV)! It's like a giant lava lamp, but far more trippy!

Can you imagine this at exhibition size?!

I'm so jealous of Charlotte's toucan; that she has a piece of something so fabulous and beautiful!

Charlotte also has the Republican Earrings I blogged about (bottom of the post) on Ebay!

Evidently they come from a well known and collectible designer. Lunch at the Ritz earrings are customizable and quite expensive. Here are the Republican Earrings on Ebay.

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