Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mmmmmm Figs!

Every spring we eagerly watch the ripening of figs on our fig tree. Just as the hot summer weather arrives they turn a beautiful dark plum color and are ready for backyard barbecues and potlucks.

The easiest (and most rewarding) fruit to grow in North Texas, in my humble opinion, are figs.

I have 1 fig tree/shrub in the ally behind the house and I hardly do anything to care for it other than water it occasionally and race to pick the fruit before the birds eat it.

I received a cutting of my in-laws fig tree 8 years ago, rooted it in rooting hormone and perlite, then planted and watered it until it took root. Now I have so many figs my neighbors have been given permission to help themselves (and they happily oblige).

I have also noticed that since my fig tree was planted other neighbors have planted their own in their alley way plot.

Our favorite ways to eat them:
If you can get some fig cuttings you can root your own too. Here is a YouTube video by mtlfigs showing you how to root cuttings in a plastic bag.

Once they are rooted you will want to plant them and care for them so here is a link for fig tree care (from Texas A&M).

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