Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My mother makes the Earth move!

My mother is visiting my big sister Sharon in Maryland. She lives close to DC. I received a text message from her about the recent earthquake there. I couldn't help but point out the recent quake in Grand Prairie, TX; near my mother's house.

Sharon: "Mom and i are okay our movie seats shook but that's it"

My Reply: "Was there an earth quake or was it IMax?"

Sharon: "Lol earthquak"

Me: "Just saw the news. Blame mom. She brought it with her. There was one in Grand Prairie a few weeks ago (4 RS). The lady makes the earth move....lol"

Sharon: "Mom says you are a little shit."

Me: "I know..... ;P"

But really, what is it with these North American Quakes lately? Is the media just reporting it more often? Is it the new connectedness of the world due to enhanced communication? Or are quake occurrences really increasing in number? I don't remember it happening as often as a kid....perhaps I was just more oblivious then.

Embarrassingly...I may have to admit the latter, or blame mass communication advances. Here is a link to Earthquake Facts and Statistics that explains it all.

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