Thursday, August 25, 2011

Taking up the summer slack......

Since school is in session again things are going back to 'normal' around here. I'm making an attempt to remedy my summer procrastination.

I have a slew of projects to finish, hopefully I can get to them. I will be working on my leather leaf bracelet the next few days.....It should be the next finished project I will post here.
Until all my stray projects are done I won't be posting any tutorials. But I will try to give links to other tutorials that I like.

Secondly, I gained 10 lbs over the summer so this week I've gone back to SparkPeople to count calories. Spark People is a free web based community where you can track your food and exercise, and can discuss and read about other health and healthy lifestyle topics. It has been invaluable to helping me slowly lose weight. I must admit I don't use it to it's full potential. I stay out of the forms and challenges.....Ive never liked forums of any kind; and I don't think I can stick to a challenge because I get bored of repetitious exercise schedules easily. I do use the 10 minute workout videos, nutrition tracker, and read the articles.
Beware, the Spark website does not work well with FireFox and ad-blocker software. Sometimes I have to reload a page several times before it will show up. It's my only complaint about SparkPeople.
As a final note; I recently stumbled upon a really great article about Calorie-Burning Myths from Yahoo. Usually I read myth articles and determine they are a waste of my time and wonder why they even write about such obvious things to begin with. This one actually contains useful information.
It even has me wondering if I should return my fancy training watch to the store. If only I could program it for interval training!

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