Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goodwill Midnight Madness and Junk Jewlery Extravaganza! Part 2

We finally went to bed around 3am and dreamed of our junk finds.

The next day we attended a bead show at Dallas Market Hall. I spent way too much on bead caps. (I checked the price after purchase and found an Etsy dealer that had the same thing for half the price!) Mother fell in love with a sterling necklace with little painted shell Russian ladies on it; Sharon fell in love with a bias-cut amber necklace; and I found a lady from Russia that did fabulous bead weaving.

The last booth we visited was a jeweler that bought scrap gold from the public. A nice Pakistani gentleman greeted us and quickly began sorting, examining, and weighing Sharon's gold and silver. He tested it with magnets and looked at markings under his magnifying glass. As he was finishing (after about 15 minutes of examining weighing and calculating) we told him where she had acquired it. He couldn't believe his ears and complimented Sharon twice saying "You are a very smart woman." Once the evaluation and exchange was done Sharon netted $250 dollars from her horde!

I'll post pictures later tonight ASAP.

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