Monday, May 2, 2011

Goodwill Midnight Madness and Junk Jewlery Extravaganza! Part 1

Last Weekend my older sis, Sharon, came to town for a visit. She lives in Maryland and does not make the trip often. In celebration we planned out the weekend with a backyard family get-together, Midnight Madness sale at a local Goodwill thrift store, and then a trip to a Bead Show at Dallas Market Hall.

It ended up as one of those memorable treasure hunting trips that will forever be recorded in family history.

After a very fun evening of Zombie Flux (card game) and tasty family dinner of steak and potatoes; Mom, Sharon and I piled in the SUV for an evening trip to Goodwill, for their Midnight Madness Sale. Everything in the store was 50% off from 8pm to Midnight.

Once there, Mom began piling her cart high with wonderful vintage clothing. She unearthed a fabulous beige suit with tasteful western-style embroidery and rivet hole detail. Then she found a mod 60's style pink quilted jumper with a chunky silver industrial belt. Mom spent around $40 on vintage suits and came away with around 5 that she and my sister, Charlotte, can resale for a pretty profit.

I hit the housewares section where I found 16 Fire King 2-tone footed mugs with smoky bottoms. That's 4 sets in the colors orange, avocado green, yellow, and misty blue.

The mugs are in my Etsy Shop right now.

Then I hit the clothing racks too, and found some high end camisoles for me and an assortment of Charlotte Russe, Old Navy, and The Limited, Gap, and Jones New York summer casual shirts for my DD. I spent a total of $42 as well and came away with some wonderful things to wear and some nice vintage glassware for my Etsy shop.

But those were not the finds of the evening! Sharon discovered that no one had purchased the bundled junk jewelry yet. In the display case there were 9 large 14-16" glass vases of junk jewelry. She saw a large and colorful cloisonne rabbit in one jar and decided to purchase them all. She said it was worth the rabbit to see what was in all the jars. It cost her a grand total of $52.00! We weighed it later and it was around 15-18 lbs of jewelry. This is roughly half what you pay for unsorted junk jewelry on, and she didn't have to pay shipping for it either.

After getting home around 11:00pm we unloaded our clothing finds and showed them off to each other. Then we cleared the kitchen table and dumped all the jars on the table. For 3 hours we laughed, delighted, examined, and sorted Sharon's grand treasure horde.

Here are the Highlights of her horde:

  • 9 pieces of vintage Mexican Silver Jewlery
  • 1/2 a pair of lovely Miriam Haskel dangle earrings (I wish we had found the other half!)
  • A Venetian glass Italian Designer Necklace by Gloria Alstofo
  • A French-made Le Cordon Bleu watch
  • 4 pretty glass bead woven bracelets.
  • Some fab unsigned vintage and modern pieces
  • 14 oz of ugly, tacky, and plain silver and gold jewelry
  • a ton of cheap junk jewelry (will be recycled, sorted, gifted, and/or re-sold)
We kept everything except the small pile of 'ugly' sterling and gold, which I will get to in tomorrow's post. We finally went to bed dreaming of our treasures and all the fun we had.

I'll try to post pics of the jewelery Tuesday night as soon as I figure out how to get them off my phone.

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