Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shredded T-Shirt links and Demo.....

I found a new recycled clothing craze that I like. Shredded T-Shirts! I saw some while wandering around Etsy looking for new ideas. Urban Revisions has some fab pieces.
This how-to video from childhoodflames is also nice:

As for the vertical lines that they have in some designs, or areas that seem to be blocked off. I think they use Fray Check to keep them from shredding, or they sew the edges of each blocked-off area with a very fine stitch before shredding the shirt.

Be sure to use a really thin tee shirt for this. On my first try I used a thicker weave and it wouldn't shred. Also I don't have long fingernails so I had a difficult time pulling the threads to make the texture. I ended up using a Knifty Knitter Hook to scratch across the fabric as it lay flat on the table. It gently, but slowly pulled the threads apart into a nice cobweb texture.

This project takes FOREVER and is hard on the fingers!! Mine got tired and started locking up after 3 hours of pulling. But the effect is very pretty, and worth the pain. I'm going to store this project by my sofa and work on it when I watch TV.

So far the Fray Check seems to be working for keeping nice lines of un-frayed material between the frayed areas. I'll post more pics as I get further along in this project.

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